Image shows an illustration of a character with a cell phone in his hands, leaning against a social network post. Under the image, chat balloons icon.

Replying to comments
and interacting with
followers on Facebook
and Instagram is

Start replying to Instagram feed and Facebook timeline
comments in the same place!

We do not ask for credit card. We do not spam. 😉

Manage social media comments and increase engagement

Image shows mLabs Feed feature screen, with three panels, side by side: two with Facebook feeds and one with Instagram feed.

Reply comments

See all the comments on your Facebook and Instagram posts and interact with your followers.

Customize dashboards

Follow the feed and timeline of different profiles in the same place. Customize your panels in mLabs however you like.

Multiple Panels

If you manage more than one brand on social media, create different dashboards for each of them.

Image shows the mlabs feed feature screen, highlighting the option to view favorite comments.

Favorite important comments and conversations

When you bookmark a comment, you can follow it on an exclusive panel.

By bookmarking a post, you can use the “View bookmarks” filter to keep track of the most important conversations.