Picture shows mLabs Inbox screen, the feature that allows you to reply private messages from Instagram, Facebook and Google reviews on the same screen. Under the image, illustration of a young woman sitting using her cell phone.

Reply private messages from Facebook, Instagram and Google ratings!

Centralize Facebook Inbox, Instagram Direct, and Google reviews on the same screen and save time managing it!

We do not ask for credit card. We do not spam. 😉

Manage messages from different social networks

See all Inbox, Direct and Google reviews messages on the same screen and use Social SAC features to respond to them!

Direct Instagram

Monitor Instagram Direct messages in real time, maintaining the quality of your service.
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Inbox Facebook

Control all Facebook Inbox messages and ensure that no fans go unanswered.
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Google My Business

Follow and respond to your listing reviews on Google My Business with ease.

" At our agency, it is common for us to serve several client accounts on social networks and we were constantly looking for a tool that would unify features and optimize our work. With mLabs we are able to optimize our work, our time and better serve our customers! "

Thiago Regis - Creative Pill Agency

Thiago Regis

Creative Pill Agency

Screen form for sending leads from mLabs Inbox to RD Station. Present fields: name, email, date of birth, gender, telephone, title, website, social media profiles

Turn Social Media Followers Into Leads!

If you already use RD Station to capture and nurture leads, integrate it with mLabs for free and start generating leads from Inbox, Direct and Google Reviews!

Plans from US$7.90

Test all features with unlimited profiles, users and reports!

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We do not ask for credit cards. We do not do SPAM 😉