Image shows an illustration of a character working on the computer sitting on a balloon with the mLabs logo and, around it, other people working on different devices and functions.

Control the flow of creating and approving posts with Workflow

Invite everyone involved in creating and approving posts for mLabs! Manage demands, deliveries, adjustments and approvals in one place!

We do not ask for credit card. We do not spam. 😉

Image shows mLabs workflow in kanban view, with list of posts for various social networks and columns for adjustments, creation, internal analysis, clients and waiting for an appointment. Above the image, a block with the simplified approval box, where you can generate a post approval link and send it via whatsapp.

Organize and manage all content production for social media

  • Create demands;
  • Invite everyone involved in the work;
  • Define those responsible for creating and approving posts;
  • Manage adjustment and change orders;
  • Create approval rules and more!
Image shows fields for inclusion of demand and teams in a task within the mLabs workflow.

Define which teams will be involved in each task and invite as many collaborators as you like

When creating a demand for a post in mLabs, you can add writers and designers to the creative team, internal managers, and clients for approval.

Image shows the field with the history of conversations and deliveries referring to a demand managed within the mLabs workflow.

Enough of emails! Have a history of all conversations, approvals and requests for adjustments!

Concentrate all conversations and content deliveries in Workflow and never get lost in your inbox again.

Plans from US$7.90

Test all features with unlimited profiles, users and reports!

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We do not ask for credit cards. We do not do SPAM 😉