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Scheduling posts for all social media in one place!

Schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram (including Carousel, Stories, Reels and Videos), LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google My Business through mLabs!

We do not ask for credit card. We do not spam. 😉

Image shows the mLabs post scheduling screen highlighting the social networks integrated into the platform and field to set the date and time for scheduling

Scheduling posts through mLabs is simple!

Select which profiles and social networks you want to post to, include image or video files, create and customize your caption, set dates and times to post and leave the rest to us!

You can also create your posts directly from Studio mLabs (our native editor!) or by integrating with Canva 💙

" Today we have reduced our postage time by more than 80% and we can serve even more customers with quality. "

Marco Freitas - Owner – Formiga Digital

Marco Freitas

Owner – Formiga Digital

Image shows an illustration of a monthly calendar with a character marking the dates that symbolize the days of scheduled posts.

Ensure your frequency by scheduling posts for Feed, Carousel, Stories, Reels and Videos on Instagram

Schedule posts for Instagram in a few clicks!With mLabs you can:

  • Schedule posts with auto-post to Instagram feed including Carousel;
  • Schedule Reels, Stories and Videos securely with the notified schedule;
  • Set a default signature and location to insert into your posts;
  • Create and save groups of hashtags to use in schedules;
  • Customize post captions for feed with emojis, links and more !
Image shows illustration with character holding a clock.

Automate your Facebook posts and save time!

  • Schedule 360° video, image or photo posts;
  • Schedule the posting of photo albums;
  • Create hashtag groups and save a default location for your posts;
  • Customize subtitles with emojis, links, hashtags and more!

Use mLabs also to schedule posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google My Business!

Repost to all social profiles of a brand and customize with features from each social network!

Independent Subtitles

Change the post caption according to the social network.

Multiple Schedules

Schedule the same content for different days and times.

Resources of networks

Customize posts with the features of each social network.

" Mlabs post scheduling saved hours daily for every member of my team. Great! "

André Simonelli - Director -

André Simonelli

Director -

Image shows the tab for selecting multiple profiles for the same schedule in mLabs.

Schedule the same post for different profiles on social media

If you do marketing for a chain of stores or franchises, mLabs is for you too!

Select multiple profiles via mLabs and schedule the same post for everyone at once.

Plans from US$7.90

Test all features with unlimited profiles, users and reports!

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