Image shows two decorative pins with Pinterest icon around it. Next to the image, illustration of a character sitting on a stool, holding a tablet.

Get results on Pinterest using the right manager

Marketing on Pinterest with the help of mLabs is so much easier! Use the platform to schedule pins and organize your posts through our calendar!

We do not ask for credit card. We do not spam. 😉

Image shows the mLabs post scheduling screen in the Settings option of a post scheduled for Pinterest. Highlight for the option to choose a Pinterest panel.

Program your pins

Scheduling pins through mLabs is very easy! Upload your files, create a caption for the pin, include your link and choose which panel you want to publish to!

Picture shows mLabs calendar screen, with a list of upcoming Pinterest posts. Above the image, the Post information card with the options to clone, edit and delete.

See all upcoming posts and pins on the calendar

Follow the status of your posts via the mLabs calendar!

Save pin ideas for anniversaries, insert your seasonal calendar, clone and edit your pins quickly.

Image shows the modal choice of the team that will work on this project, within the mLabs Workflow.

Manage the creation and approval of your pins

Invite everyone involved in creating and approving posts to mLabs at no additional cost!

Create demands in mLabs Workflow, record the briefing of each pin and control all adjustments and delivery requests through the platform.

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We do not ask for credit card. We do not do SPAM. 😉