Image shows illustration of a post with highlight for the ``Boost`` button. Inside the post, illustrated character taking a selfie.

Start boosting
Instagram and
Facebook posts through mLabs!

Create, schedule and boost your posts in the same tool. By mLabs, it’s much simpler! 🚀

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Save time scheduling and boosting posts at once!

Schedule and boost

Save time by creating, scheduling and boosting Facebook and Instagram posts through the same tool.

Promote published posts

See all your posts published by mLabs and boost anyone with a few clicks.

Choose media goals

Choose a media objective, indicate the budget, define an audience and go! We can do the rest here!

Image shows clipping of two posts: one on Facebook and one on Instagram. Highlight for the Boost button on the Facebook post and box with the Boost option on Instagram.

Promoting posts on Facebook and Instagram just got easier!

With the Ads module you can promote an already published post or schedule a boosted content.

Also, you can run the same Facebook boost on Instagram! This way, the post appears in the public’s feed, without being published in the brand’s profile.