Image shows the mLabs calendar in the monthly period, shows the status of publications, days and various social networks.

Generate social media reports, track results and monitor competitors!

See our automated reports from Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business and Google Analytics!

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Track key social media metrics and create comprehensive reports

Image shows mLabs graph with best post per engagement


Find out what are the best formats, days and times to post according to your followers!


Understand the reach and views of each post, discover peak views and more!


Access the details of the interactions of each post and find out which ones had the greatest engagement.

Best Posts

Find out which were the best posts for a period according to engagement or views.
Image shows mLabs graph of direct comparison between competitors

Monitor competitors on social media

Understand how you are performing in relation to the competition.

By mLabs, you can monitor competitors on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter!

Image shows mLabs report types selection box. They are: growth, reach, engagement, content and personalized

Choose a report template or customize yours!

Generating reports for social networks through mLabs is very simple: choose one of our ready-made templates or create your own!

In the custom report option, you can generate a report with graphs from Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Analytics and Google My Business.

Image shows graphs of mLabs followers.

Understand the performance of your posts and Stories on Instagram

mLabs tracking charts allow you to understand in detail the performance of your Instagram posts and Stories.

Find out more about the profile of your followers, track their growth and access insights such as best days and times to post!

Learn more about Instagram Reports
Image shows graph of mLabs of page effectiveness.

Track Facebook Metrics and Understand Fanpage Effectiveness

Optimize your strategy and prove results with exclusive mLabs graphics!

Track your Facebook follower gain, discover your best posts by engagement or views, track interactions, and more!

See more about Facebook Reports
Image shows mLabs graph of followers by segment, from LinkedIn

Get to know your LinkedIn followers and watch the Company Page grow

Understand who your LinkedIn followers are and optimize your strategy!

In addition to tracking page growth, monitoring competitors and analyzing key LinkedIn metrics, mLabs offers graphs with information about the professional profile of followers.

See more about LinkedIn Reports
Image shows two graphs from the mlabs Google My Business report: Reviews and Activities.

Generate Google My Business reports and understand your performance

Google My Business charts provide valuable data about the activity and public profile of those who access your Google listing.

See the status of period ratings, best photos, and hot posts.

And much more!

Illustration features a woman's character analyzing a large graphic with a magnifying glass.


Access performance graphs on Twitter, monitor competitors and understand the performance of your tweets.

Google Analytics

Link your site's Google Analytics to mLabs and generate full reports.

No limits

Create as many reports as you need, no extra costs!

PPT, PDF or Link

Export reports in Power Point, PDF or link.
Image shows customizable DashGoo reports by mLabs

mLabs and DashGoo Integration: Create even more advanced dashboards and reports

In addition to mLabs social media reports, you can also add DashGoo features to your plan to create 100% custom reports and dashboards.

Get access to full analytics for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics and more!

Plans from US$7.90

Test all features with unlimited profiles, users and reports!

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